So smooth and round
So smooth and round

Now that the Nintendo Switch has been out for over six months, let’s take a moment to remember one of my favorite surprises from the Wii U. And no, it’s not the gradual shrinking of instruction manuals. Upon removing a Wii U game disc from its case for the first time, the first thing I noticed was how smooth the edges of the disc were. I had never noticed this before on any type of disc, but a lengthy search revealed that some blu-rays, HD-DVDs (remember those?), and even some music CDs in Europe include the same feature. One difference here is that every single Wii U game has the rounded disc edge.

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With the Switch changing to a game card format, there is no hidden detail to surprise players after they open the game case. Unless you count the fact that they are coated with denatonium benzoate to prevent children from swallowing them. Not as pleasant of a surprise as rounded disc edges if you ask me.

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